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Open format DJ playing Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Surf Twang & Garage Rock, Reggae & Ska, Funk & Soul, Boogie & Beats, Dance & Chart

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“Bridging the gap between the vinyl purist & the digital junkie, DJ KripStar subtly manoeuvres between his own music selections and crowd favourites.”

Predominantly a lover of the 50s, 60s & 70s sounds – whether it be rhythm & blues, rock & roll, funk, soul, boogie, reggae or ska, DJ KripStar thrives on putting his own spin on things and blends in 90s hip hop & indie as well as re-workings of classic tunes, various beats & pieces he has discovered over his 20 year journey of DJing and is also comfortable to play a variety of 80s, 90s, 00s chart & dance music.

No one night/event he plays is ever quite the same, but yet shares a common bond of fun & exciting music, the ‘KripTonite’ sound that transports the audience to a time where nothing else really seems to matter, but dancing till they drop. There’s always a bunch of surprise tunes kept under that red hat, waiting to be put to work for immediate crowd satisfaction!

DJ KripStar spinning a Reggae classic by the Scorpions, minus the hat at the legendary Coconut pub, Kingston upon Thames 2004

Music Genres Sampler

These quick soundbites/samples/favourites below give you a little taste of the music genres, artists & songs DJ KripStar loves to DJ (and listen to!), he’s constantly on the look out for new songs in these genres to compliment his already expansive collection – take a listen to some of KripStar’s DJ mixes at the bottom of this page here.

Alternatively click here to listen to the Music Genre Samplers below on his “Spotify” page where you will also find all the song titles & artists for each of them!

  1. Disco & Boogie - Music Genre Sampler
  2. Rhythm & Blues - Music Genre Sampler
  3. 50's Rock & Roll - Music Genre Sampler
  4. Rockabilly - Music Genre Sampler
  5. Surf & Instrumentals - Music Genre Sampler
  6. 60's Garage Rock - Music Genre Sampler
  7. 60's & 70's Pop - Music Genre Sampler
  8. 60's Soul - Music Genre Sampler
  9. Northern Soul - Music Genre Sampler
  10. Funk - Music Genre Sampler
  11. Jazz & Blues - Music Genre Sampler
  12. World - Music Genre Sampler
  13. Classic Reggae - Music Genre Sampler
  14. Ska - Music Genre Sampler
  15. Reggae & 90's Dancehall - Music Genre Sampler
  16. 60's & 70's Rock - Music Genre Sampler
  17. 80's Electronic Pop - Music Genre Sampler
  18. 80's Dance - Music Genre Sampler
  19. 80's Pop - Music Genre Sampler
  20. 90's Indie - Music Genre Sampler
  21. Hip Hop - Music Genre Sampler
  22. Beats - Music Genre Sampler
  23. 90's Dance - Music Genre Sampler
  24. 90's Chart - Music Genre Sampler
  25. House & Garage - Music Genre Sampler
  26. 00's Chart - Music Genre Sampler
  27. 00's Dance - Music Genre Sampler
  28. 00's R&B & Hip Hop - Music Genre Sampler


I love throwing down to Dj Kripstar! He unleashes the bangers, the classics, the recents and the (un)disturbed. I travel a from afar to hear the tunes and get ma dance on. Keep it real KripStar, forever dancing!! ???

Krip is a top-notch selector. He’s comfortable with a wide range of genres in just about any situation – whether it’s setting the mood just right playing a warm-up set or shelling it down later on in the night. I’ve never walked away from one of Krip’s sets without feeling compelled to ask him what one or more of the tunes played was. Great guy too. Just needs to sort his hair out!

Outstanding. great music, lovely character. Highly recommend.

Its fair to say DJ KripStar was the soundtrack to my University years and a lot of my birthdays and friends weddings since!
He knows how to get a party started and keep the guests shuffling to the early hours. – he’s also a top man!

My mostest favouritest DJ. Great music, dancing and crowd. Highly recommend.

Top bloke! nice and polite & easy to work with. Had him for a family do and it was quality. Nice to have someone play some decent tunes rather than the usual nonsense ;)

DJ Experience

Turks Boat Parties

Kingston upon Thames

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Turks Boat Parties

Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1HN
Resident Boat Party DJ
2018 – Present

As well as ferrying passengers along the scenic stretches of the River Thames in South West London for the best part of 300 years, Turk Launches also provides the private hire of their fleet catering for birthdays, wedding receptions, stag and hen parties, Christmas and New Year party nights and corporate events.

DJ KripStar is one of their approved boat party DJs providing an across-the-board mix of music for every occasion. Highlights for him include a 80’s themed fancy dress birthday party, a Thai birthday party and a veterinary company work party.

Bacchus Late Bar & Venue

Kingston upon Thames

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Truffle Shuffle – Rhythm & Blues, Reggae & Soul, Rock ‘n Roll from the purveyors of our favourite reason for going south of the river on a Sunday night.

Bacchus Late Bar & Venue

Kingston upon Thames KT1 1RP
Resident Club Night DJ
Alternate Sundays/Mondays
2006 – 2020

Bacchus, one of the longest-standing nightclubs/venues in Kingston upon Thames – if not the longest! And with good reason, the place is a refuge for both students and regulars alike that enjoy a diverse music scene ranging from rock, blues, soul, funk to wild beats, and just about everything in between! Opening around the mid 80s, the club was originally a wine bar (hence the name, the Roman god of wine), and introduced DJs in the late 80s.

DJ KripStar has been entertaining the Bacchus crowd for over a decade now and has held various club nights including his first Basement Party which he teamed up with DJ & Producer Wrongtom to bring in some Funk & Hip Hop beats to a Thursday night, Toothpick! A Mod Reggae & Soul night & Truffle Shuffle, Kingston’s longest running 50/60s Rock, Rhythm & Soul club night at just over a decade itself and still going strong in 2018, it’s had guest DJs such as the legendary DJ Derek (one of his last gigs before he retired at the age of 72!), Oxford’s numero uno DJ & Promoter Count Skylarkin and one of LA’s top record dealers & DJ extraordinaire Greg Belson.

The Half Moon


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I had the great pleasure of working many weekends while DJ Kripstar laid down the tunes. The energy and vibrancy he gave the room was perfect, packing the dance floor until the small hours with music perfectly chosen to fit both the band playing earlier, and the mood of the night. The evening always ended with the crowd happy and wanting more. On a personal note Mark was fantastic and fun to work with, reliable, punctual and professional.

The Half Moon

Putney SW15 1EU
Resident Saturday Night DJ
2014 – 2017

Regarded as one of London’s most respected live music venues, the Half Moon in Putney has hosted some of the best music acts on the planet since its opening in 1963; The Rolling Stones, The Who, Van Morrison, Bo Diddley, U2, the list is endless – even Billy Connolly has done some stand-up comedy there!

DJ KripStar was honored to add his name to the list and accept the challenge of resident Saturday night DJ, keeping gig goers & pub regulars on their toes after the Moon’s best loved bands – The Rollin’ Stoned, Absolute Bowie, Dr. Feelgood & Geno Washington had finished their sets. This is where his knowledge of 50s & 60s music came into play as the Half Moon crowd, quite understandably, know their tunes! KripStar managed to keep them more than satisfied whilst also introducing new songs into the mix. DJing the Boat Race days & Polyfest 3 was also a highlight! Unfortunately by the end of 2017 all DJing within the pub had to come to an end due to ongoing neighbour disputes, DJ KripStar has his fingers crossed it will be back on the agenda one day!

The Old Kings Head

Hampton Wick

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The Old Kings Head

Hampton Wick KT1 4AE
Resident Friday Night DJ
2009 – 2017

In these days of chain pubs you don’t see many independent ones thriving on there own  in town centres and suburbs – there are exceptions though and The Old Kings Head in Hampton Wick certainly was one of them! Keeping the pub lively and the ‘place to go’ on a Friday night was DJ KripStar’s Carnaby Beat night, for just under a decade he played a fresh mix of music ranging from Blues, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Indie, Rock, Surf, Disco, Re-edits & Beats to excited regulars and students from the University halls across the way.

KripStar also played specific holiday events such as Halloween or New Years Eve – and well known for putting his own ‘off the wall’ style into his the sets, one New Years Eve even Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’ cheekily made its way into the midnight celebratory tunes! Sadly after almost ten years of service the, the Leaseholders decided to move on to pastures new – and the beginning of 2018 saw the closing down party of the century, with DJ KripStar at the controls for the very last time… it is said that the spirit of Carnaby Beat lives on in every OKH local though!

Sadie & Harrys Wedding Reception


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In April 2018, DJ Kripstar was the star of our Wedding Reception (at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, London). We’ll be forever grateful for the ambience that he created – read the mood of our guests perfectly and put together an eclectic playlist, tunes/genres for all ages… the dancefloor was filled and our guests boogied happily all night. Thank you, DJ KripStar… you’re unique. We’re so chuffed we chose you to be a part of our special day/night… would not hesitate to hire your fine professional services again for any future family events! And we’ll be sure to spread the word should we hear of anyone looking to hire a decent DJ. All the best, Mr. & Mrs. Buckwell.

Sadie & Harry’s Wedding Reception

Wedding DJ

In order to have the perfect wedding, the day and night should run smoothly together, so when Sadie & Harry specifically requested DJ KripStar to come and play ‘his brand of tunes’ at their wedding reception he was extremely honoured to be their wedding DJ and to make this happen seamlessly.

From the first dance to the last tune, music requests were played alongside KripStar’s own hand-picked selections and all this in a spacious marquee in the grounds of Sadie’s parents home (self built), in the middle of a field in the beautiful Winchester countryside, leaving a long lasting memory for all the guests, the family and the Bride & Groom!


Some facts & figures about DJ KripStar



Brought his first record, ‘James Brown’s Funky People’ LP in Camden market, London

First ever DJ gig in


A staff party for the New Malden branch of Waitrose supermarket

Created & played


Individual club nights, with two of them running for almost a decade

Switched to CD in


To lighten the load he was carrying to gigs, and in 2016 went digital

Has DJ’d at


wedding receptions so far since 2016 – originally not something he was known for but has become a great success



was honored to have the late, great, DJ Derek play at his club night Truffle Shuffle

Has had


variants of the red hat over the course of his DJing career



hours in 2017, with an average of 4 hours per DJ set



Take a listen to some of DJ KripStar’s mixes below and find more over at his Mixcloud page.

A selection of House music that has stuck with me from the days I went clubbing in the late 90s/early 2000s, in particular that Club 69 Feat. Kim Cooper ‘Let Me Be Your Underwear (Underground Mix)’ brings back the vibe of the sweaty underground box of the Leisure Lounge (that’s the thumbnail actually!) or hearing ‘Rendez-Vu’ played at Space, Ibiza!

A hour long mix of Skinhead Reggae & Ska inspired by Shane Meadow’s 2006 film ‘This Is England’ that reached 3rd in the Mixcloud Ska chart and features fabulous artists such as Laurel Aitken, The Kingstonians, John Holt, Dandy, Tommy McCook, Alton Ellis, Audrey, Jackie Opel, Dice The boss, Clancy Eccles, The Maytals and many more…

In this 45 minute mix I’ve selected some World/Hip Hop music fav’s including a Latin bubbler from Panama Cardoon from Athens, Greece, mysterious Hip Hop lyrics/doomed beats from Dr Octagon’s ‘Blue Flowers’ & Scottish band the Haggis Horns with the ‘Hot Damn!’ to name but a few…

General Info, Bookings & Enquiries

General Info, Bookings & Enquiries

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